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BaseMint Gang



In a metaverse far, far away...

A gang of degen underdogs team up to save the Metaverse
(if they're lucky...).

The BaseMint Gang, and YOU our community of Basemint Buds, will embark on a meme filled adventure of a lifetime across the Opensea into a limitless world unexplored.

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basemint gang ,

Join the Gang as the BaseMint Buds, a group of misfit Hero’s on a
mission to save to metaverse

Owning a BASEMINT GANG provides community membership that includes:
Animated episodes
Custom music soundtrack
Hero Training
Power up your superheros
Gamification with Rewards of ETH & NFTs
IRL Events
FREE Merch
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Mint Your Basemint Buds Now!

The BaseMint Gang will go down in history as a project with a team of web3 superhero devs, artists, animators and brand builders collaborating to create an innovative experience project with story, music, and gamification with rewards.

We are curating an incredible community to join the Basemint Gang and collaborate with us to build something incredible!

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TRAIN IN THE GYM TO Unlock special Super powers & Earn REWARDS before beginning your journey

Community members will have the opportunity to go to the BaseMint gym, and TRAIN their Basemint Buds. As soon as you begin training, you will level up your superpowers.

Leveling up your superpowers will bring enhanced rewards, drops, and improve your ability in the game.

Train Now


We know the BASEMINT GANG won’t be able to do this on their own… It’s up to you, the BASEMINT GANG community, to uncover the clues that lead you to find the stolen NFT vault and rescue the metaverse.

Following the mint, there will be a series of token-gated episodes telling the story and mini-game experiences. As you navigate the story you will be rewarded with ETH, NFTs, and other prizes beyond your wildest imagination.

The fate of the metaverse rests in your hands, BASEMINT GANG!



Our mission is to shift that paradigm and pave a new path. We believe in a model that favors creators over committees, community over control, and participation over profits.

We are partnering with our community to build the next generation of great stories and characters.

We welcome you to join us on a journey of imagination.


step 1


The Hollywood model is unsuitable. The power, product, profits – controlled by the suits...

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step 2


BEFORE the mint, we will open the doors to our world, stories, and characters of our Basemint Gang story...

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step 3


We will roll out the story with episodes that tie to challenges and games along the way...

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step 4


We are partnering with dope brands and talent who you know and love to bring you exclusive merch from the Gang....

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Meet the amazing superdevs

Our Devs are super-qualified and bring decades of world-class creative and operational experience, along with a global production network. We have played key creative, strategic, and community-building roles for successful Web3 projects and P2E gaming and have helped produce over 25 award-winning films.


Lead Writer & Producer


Director of BaseMint Vibes


Artistic Guru


General Glue-Guy


Technology Partner


Social King


Musical Genius


The 'Mad Scientist'




Pussy 💦Riot


Music Artist


Music Artist




Collab Commander


Community Builder


Music Artist


Community Builder

KYD (they/them)

Cartoon Artist


Voice Actor





Multi-Platinum Music Artist

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